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Natural Retaining Walls

IMG_0012 (1) IMG_0064 (1)Retaining walls are an attractive and functional addition to any landscape design. Whether you have a naturally sloped property, or are contouring your landscape to create visual interest, retaining walls will create a clear delineation between property levels, can be used to create flat, usable terraces and will help to prevent erosion.
Natural stone retaining walls have been used for thousands of years so there is an inherent element of tradition in their appearance. Because stones can be found in a variety of shapes, colors and textures, there is also a creative element involved in using natural stones. The best natural stones are those made from heavier, denser rocks such as granite or field stone. Natural stones are more expensive, and can be more labor intensive to set correctly. They are best used for shorter and narrower sections of retaining walls to maximize stability.