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Creating a Peace Garden

Here a couple flowers to help you create the perfect Peace Garden
The Peace Rose
It’s right there in the name — the Peace rose is a perfect fit for your peace garden:
– Hardy and relatively resistant to disease, this beautiful rose also has historic value — it received its name the very day that Berlin fell in 1945 and was given to each of the delegations at the meeting of the United Nations later that year.
– Each rose had a note that read “We hope the ‘Peace’ rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace.”
If symbolism is important to you in your peace garden, choosing flowers based on meaning will help you create a space that is truly unique to you:
– Whether you want to convey friendship, eternal love, hope or strength, there is a flower out there that symbolizes your desired message.
– Choosing flowers that remind you of a loved one can be an excellent way to feel closer to someone who is absent from your life for whatever reason.
Blue Salvia
Blue saliva is something for those of you in the cooler hardiness zones. It’s easy to grow, flowers heavily all season and is incredibly drought resistant. Here’s what it can do for your peace garden:
– Ideal for zones 8-10, this plant is a show-stopper and is a wonderful choice for landscaping. Blue salvia can grow up to 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide.
– Blue salvia means “I think of you” and can be the perfect addition to a garden used for quiet reflection or meditation.
-Lastly, Choose flowers with a scent. Lavender is an excellent choice and has natural calming properties. Used in teas, cooking and as an essential oil. Put a couple drops in your bath to help you relax, or dab a couple drops in and oil infuser for the perfect nights rest.13100703_815118531954766_7236888754555559598_n 13124920_815119741954645_4467247684975344371_n 13083120_815121035287849_1696168332567573388_n