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Drains ~ Downspouts ~ Wood Mulch ~ Rock Mulch Steel Edging ~ Outdoor Lighting System

Drains and Downspouts

If your downspouts have been buried and day lighted, check the day lighted ends at least twice per year and remove any debris.

Wood Mulch

Some of your beds now have a layer of mulch on them. This mulch will move from the winds and decay, thus, will need to be replenished yearly. This mulch is very important in keeping weed growth down and maintaining optimum moisture around the plants.

Rock Mulch

As thoroughly as possible, remove organic material (dead leaves, grass clippings, etc…) from rock mulch area. This will reduce possible weed growth. A hand-held blower is the best means to accomplish this.

Steel Edging

Occasionally, frost may force the edging to heave from the ground. If this should occur, the edging should be pounded back into the soil. We recommend using a block of wood on the top edge to prevent denting and damage of the edging.

Outdoor Lighting System

We recommend monthly inspections of your lighting system. You should check your timer to insure the time is correct and the operating times are appropriate for the season. Each light should be checked to be sure that the bulbs are not burned out. A few burned out bulbs can dramatically shorten the operating life of the remaining bulbs in your system.